From imparting ‘knowledge’
to creating conditions for learning

Philosophy And Process

Areas Of Work

An ongoing, everyday SEARCH/ RESEARCH forms/ informs the basis of my work in the area of design as well as education. The areas of research includes creativity, learning process, children, cognition, culture, aesthetic sense, indigenous knowledge, authenticity, waste, sustainability, originality, sense, body, ways of knowing, psychology, philosophy, politics, ecological awareness and sensitivity etc. My own DESIGN PRACTICE is undertaken as a culturally, socially and ecologically responsible activity in order to revive /support the traditional handicraft sector as a collaborative effort with artisans. Activities include identifying potential products, design development as well as empowering the artisan.

EDUCATION is a misnomer and what I am engaged with is more of co exploration to reclaim what is lost due to formal schooling-creativity, freedom, originality, autonomy and body related cognitive skills. Works with students of design, architecture, art etc and also with teachers and parents and anybody interested in addressing the damages of schooling. My ACTIVISM is directed to addressing the damages (alienation, fragmentation and homogenization) of modernity and reclaiming authenticity, originality, diversity and rootedness to culture and nature.

  • WORKSHOPS ON LEARNING, DESCHOOLING & CREATIVITY - To help the educated to recover their natural learning process, to understand the wrong habits instilled through education.
  • RETREATS ON AWAKENING AESTHETIC AWARENESS - to help the educated to recover their authentic sense of beauty, to understand damages of modern notions about art and aesthetics
  • CHILDREN - Reimagining learning conditions/ space to awaken the natural and biologically rooted learning process in CHILDREN instead of force feeding them on codified 'knowledge.
  • TEACHERS AND PARENTS - to help them to understand children's spiritual needs of autonomy, self initiative and existential freedom.
  • Foundation courses at ARCHITECTURAL AND DESIGN EDUCATION - in order to address the colonization & homogenization and to address issues of authenticity and cultural rootedness.
  • TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM with focus of working with artisan and children to revive the traditional practices of craft making instead of imposing modern industrial logic and notions